Frank Nunziata works very hard at selling a business.  This is the second transaction I have worked with Frank on.  In fact, when I was feeling like the business wouldn’t sell, he worked even harder.

He is exceptional at mediating Seller and Buyer conversations.  He tries to understand all details of the business and speaks to them very well to prospective buyers.

His goal is whatever your goal is, and he will give you honest feedback on how things are going.  He pretty much worked at the sale of my business over and above what I would expect.

I will buy or sell my next business from Frank Nunziata.

“Bonnie Coulter”

Tan Company

“Frank Nunziata demonstrated integrity, professionalism and a thorough knowledge of my business when presenting it to prospective buyers. His strong communication skills provided prompt feedback to me regarding prospects’ interest levels, and I think instilled trust in the prospective buyers. I believe he truly takes a personal interest in providing exceptional service in an ethical manner.
Initially I worked with Frank as a corporate representative, and the second time as a private Seller. My first  experience with Frank was so positive; he was my first and only choice when I considered listing my own business for sale. He thoroughly understands both the corporate  aspects of a sale, as well as the private individual’s interest.
I recommend using Frank’s services as a business broker to both corporations and private individuals.”
“Robert N. Bruff”
Mama Mimi’s Pizza

In a very difficult market Frank Nunziata of Jim Tharp Realty truly went the extra mile to help me sell my business. Whether it related to a demanding buyer or a deteriorating economic climate Frank Nunziata and Jim Tharp Realty provided professional, knowledgeable, and consistent expertise and counsel. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their business.

“Bill McClanahan”
WC Ventures Inc.


I first met Frank when I bought my first pizza shop, he was representing the seller.  I had never bought a business before, and Frank was very helpful to me, working through the process.  I later sold the pizza shop and because of my earlier experience, I wouldn’t have considered any other broker.  Again, Frank listened to me, and represented my interests in a very professional manner.  He worked us through any issue that arose, keeping me fully aware of all details.  Frank handled the negotiations per my decisions, and closed the deal very satisfactorily.  I will definitely work with Frank on my next business purchase.

” William Mills”

Fratelli’s Pizza